paul registered dietitian & nutritionist

Paul Ladewig RDN, Chef

Director of Culinary Works

Paul Ladewig has more than 20 years of culinary experience and has cooked and managed in multiple settings. He has a degree in culinary arts and culinary management from Secchia Institute for culinary education in Grand Rapids, MI and a degree in Nutrition from Eastern Michigan university. Since moving to California from Michigan in 2014 Paul has devoted his time to expanding his career in Dietetics and focused his culinary training on finding alternative ways of cooking traditional recipes in healthier ways so that patients don’t have to completely give up the foods they love.

Most recently he worked in Palo Alto as a chef where he would for up to 1000 people a day in multiple cooking styles. Paul received his registration as a Dietitian in 2015 and has been integrating his two interests ever since. He believes that a thorough training of proper technique and extensive knowledge of herbs and spices can completely change a kitchen for the better. He is currently taking his passion for food and infusing it into specially designed culinary classes for NTE communities.

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