NTE’s First Blog Post

amazing nutrition staff admin

Welcome to the Nutrition Therapy Essentials Blog! As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist serving with NTE for over five years, I have had the honor to witness the company mature from a small healthcare startup to a dynamic company of dedicated dietitians providing invaluable expertise to their communities on a daily basis.

NTE is a company that I can be proud of because it inspires the highest standards of excellence in its dietitians who feel so much more deeply connected to the company than just being on staff. This is in part because many of our dietitians began with NTE as dietary interns, many of whom I have had the pleasure to train through their clinical rotations. Such an early start has helped to shape a culture of dietitians who are connected to each other through shared experiences as well as values that include leadership, dependability, growth, integrity, and honesty. We are all fun, passionate, and committed to making a positive impact in our communities. Above all, though, I am proud that our dietitians are so patient-centered with an utmost goal to deliver the best possible care in our individual practices. We enjoy nothing more than putting smiles on the faces of our patients every day because that’s the way healthcare should be.

While NTE is a company of dietitians who are caring, extremely knowledgeable, and quite experienced, we are also constantly learning. This is because NTE fosters a community of dietitians who are committed to staying updated on the latest nutrition research and regulations in healthcare. What sets us apart from other consulting agencies is the fact that we are also skilled at implementing what we’ve learned into practice. These traits reveal to me that while we are a strong company now, we will only continue grow stronger with our amazing and incredible team! We will continue to deliver cutting-edge nutrition consulting wherever we go and will serve as THE example for all other nutrition consulting agencies to emulate.

Having witnessed NTE’s many successes in building lasting relationships with so many communities over the years, I am so grateful to see how far we have come, and am eager to be a part of its continued success in the future. I can honestly say that there is no nutrition consulting agency more dedicated to serving the needs of its communities than NTE and that we are not only headed in the right direction as a company, but that we are heading our communities in the best direction in the future!

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