Healthy Eating vs. Dieting: Which Should You Choose?

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healthy eating vs dieting
Protein, carbs, fat, fruits, veggies… all are staples in healthy eating, but not in every diet. What? How? Why?Every month, it seems someone comes up with a crazy new diet fad… or paints a picture of how ___ is good and ___ is bad. Unfortunately, nutrition is not (nor will ever be) that black or…

The Keto Diet: Is It Healthy?

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keto diet foods
The keto diet is just one of the many diets right now that are all the rage, but the keto diet is one of the more popular ones. Every diet has its benefits, but every diet has its risks as well. Of course, before you attempt any new diets, you should consult with a nutritionist,…

Fun Ways to Eat Healthy in Holiday Season

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It’s holiday season ahead. We know that during these days we end up eating and drinking carelessly, and regret after the season for that. Let us help you here with a few simple tricks following which you can enjoy your holidays guilt-free. Walk a lot – We know that you may have been planning parties…

How To Eat Healthy During The Thanksgiving Season

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It’s hard to resist the temptation of a good Thanksgiving meal. With foods such as roast turkey, stuffing, and buttery mashed potatoes headlining our dinners, it’s not surprising that people find themselves indulging in extra helpings at Thanksgiving dinner, and all of our mindful eating habits are tossed wayside for the time being. Thankfully, there…

Communicating Effectively with the IDT Team

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Authored by Danelle Willey, RDN   The Interdisciplinary Team, or IDT Team, in the community is the primary way of reviewing all Residents that are at risk, addressing the issues or concerns and coming up with the best plan of care. It is vital to the overall health of the Residents that the IDT team work…