How Can a Nutritionist Help My Company?

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Only a few decades ago, smoking was widely accepted in the general public before the truth behind its direct link to cancer was scientifically confirmed. More often than not, it’s the things we enjoy, a little too much maybe, that can lead us to an early grave or poor quality of life. If we refuse to make a change and choose to continue our unhealthy living, we might encounter unpleasant health conditions in the future.

Not only do individuals and families feel the impact when illness comes calling, but so do business owners and employers. As much as we are increasingly reliant on technology in our day-to-day money-making ventures, human resources are irreplaceable. The value a highly-skilled, experienced, and fully engaged employee brings to the table is absolutely off the charts.


Invest in a Nutritionist, Invest in Your Companies Future

Those who have come to value their staff knows too well that they must invest in taking care of them holistically — not only with fair wages — if they are to benefit from their time of service fully. As part of taking care of your employees’ health, medical insurance aside, nothing is more important than ensuring all the staff is healthy. We see this when companies take their staff for retreats that involve medical check-ups, where one goes home being advised to take it slow on the carbs and the sugar. But how effective is that? Life in the rat race can keep one stuck in an endless cycle of poor dietary choices.

That’s where we come in. As company nutritionists, our roles and objectives include promoting healthy eating at the place of work by advising cafeteria staff or food handlers to create a healthy and budget-friendly meal plan. From main meals to meeting snacks, the nutritionist recommends replacing unhealthy fats with healthy fats, switching in as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, and advocating for lower use of sugar alongside other healthy choices.


Get Advice from a Nutrition Expert

A company nutritionist also advises employees on portion control, and some may even go as far as offering cooking classes to employees to better their overall health. Those companies that have taken this role of employee welfare seriously have reported fewer sick days. This just proves that employees eating right tend to stay healthier for longer periods of time. They also reported higher productivity due to a happier and healthier workforce.

Reach out to us today to make this a reality for you and your staff team.